Reshape Your Teeth and Reinvent Your Confidence

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  • Improve confidence
  • Correct appearance
  • Remove pointy, uneven, or unsightly shapes
  • Achieve symmetry
  • Tone down slight overlaps

Contouring and Reshaping

Little defects in your smile can often attract a surprising amount of unwanted attention. Our eyes seem to go right to the tiny chip in someone’s front teeth; the slight mitch match of shape; the extra pointy canine.

If you notice others, or even yourself in the mirror, spending a little too much time staring at these small yet distinctive imperfections, help is available to you. With minimally invasive contouring and reshaping, we can create a gleaming and symmetrical aesthetic unique to you and your smile goals.

What Problems Can Contouring Address?

Tooth contouring can offer a solution to many problems including small chips, uneven tooth lengths, edges that are too sharp or flat, and slight overlaps. It can even be used to correct bite positions. Additionally, tooth reshaping may be used to enhance or compliment your feminine or masculine features, by rounding or squaring off the edges.

What Occurs During My Appointment?

Tooth contouring involves removing a very small amount of tooth enamel with a drill to gently sculped a more pleasing shape to your natural teeth. Then, once shaped to perfection, we’ll polish the tooth to give it a smooth and natural looking finish. The procedure is most often used on front incisions and canines which are your most visible teeth, and thus the one’s your peers may notice imperfections on the most.

Is it Painful?

You can expect some slight vibrations during your appointment due to the gentle sculpting and then polishing, however, in general most patients find the procedure quick and effortless. Before jumping into sculpting, we will also ensure we’ve thoroughly discussed your goals and chatted through expectations for the procedure. We are committed to your comfort and ensure you go into every procedure with a clear vision of the result and what it takes to get there.

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