Discover Your Brightest Smile with Teeth Whitening in Stuart!

What do Hollywood stars have in common? In many cases, a smile that lights up a room! With professional teeth whitening, you, too, can achieve that celebrity smile aesthetic. Call Stuart Smiles in Stuart, FL, today to learn more about how we can help you achieve a confident smile you can feel proud to share!

Stained Teeth

What Causes Dull Or Stained Teeth?

If you’re struggling with or feel embarrassed by tooth discoloration, you’re not alone. Many patients experience this issue, which can develop as a result of lifestyle habits like drinking coffee or wine, smoking, the aging process, using certain medications, and more.

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How Can Teeth With Stains, Yellowing, & Discoloration Be Treated?

Thankfully, there are a few ways we can address these issues. In addition to the cleaning services you receive during your regular cleaning and checkup appointments, we can also help you whiten your teeth at home using a fitted mouth tray, as well as with an in-office laser treatment. Each professional whitening option will provide noticeable effects, though results will be gradual with at-home kits while they’ll be expedient with an in-office service.

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Discoloration Be Treated
Teeth White Following Treatment

How Can I Keep My Teeth White Following Treatment?

It’s important to note that while a whitening treatment will provide noticeable and lasting effects, your bright smile will eventually fade over time. Lifestyle factors play a significant role in how long your results will last, so try to limit your consumption of staining foods and drinks, avoid smoking, etc., to keep your smile looking great for as long as possible.

If you have any questions about treatment or how to maintain your smile following this service, contact us today!