Root Canal From Your Dentist in Stuart, FL

A procedure that removes the infection inside a significantly decayed or injured tooth, at Stuart Smiles in Stuart, FL, we know that root canal therapy relieves pain and infection, sensitivities to cold and heat, swelling, fever, and more. Though it is thought to be a painful procedure, root canal therapy is actually a pain-relieving treatment and can help patients retain their natural smile by preventing the need for tooth extraction.

Root Canal Therapy

Why Are Root Canals Sometimes Necessary?

It is important to address any pain or infection in the pulp of a tooth as that bacterium will eventually destroy the tooth and may permeate through the root openings and into the jawbone, which can cause more severe issues. Root canal therapy removes the infection and helps patients avoid tooth loss and its associated effects.

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What Occurs During Treatment?

While under local anesthetic, a patient will have the tooth’s pulp thoroughly removed. Next, we’ll clean, shape and decontaminate the hollow area before filling it with a material to seal the canal. Finally, we’ll finish the procedure by adding a filling or crown to cover the tooth and restore its chewing function.

Is There Pain

Is There Pain?

Many individuals fear the pain associated with root canals; however, our expert team does everything they can to make this procedure comfortable with highly effective local anesthesia.

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