Invisalign's Invisible Solution Will Have You Smiling

Hope on the road to smile success and call today to book an Invisalign consultation.

Looking for a seamless solution to fix your alignment woes? Stuart Smiles has the answer, and its name is Invisalign! Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that removes the possible embarrassment, discomfort, and overall hassle of wires and elastics. With Invisalign, you’ll achieve a straight Hollywood aesthetic through a clear aligner system tailored to your smile goals.

invisalign's invisible solution

How Does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign process involves using a series of removable plastic aligners that gradually straighten your teeth using strategic pressure. Like you, your smile is unique, and so is your Invisalign! Each tray is customized to your teeth, and the number of trays will vary depending on your case. Backed by years of research, Invisalign makes it possible to address many concerns, including crowded teeth, an over or underbite, crossbite, or gap teeth.

What Are The Benefits?

The main benefit of Invisalign is right there in the name: it’s (nearly) invisible! Invisalign trays are virtually undetectable while on your teeth, meaning, unlike braces, you can rid yourself of the headaches associated with hiding unsightly wires. Gone are the days of food avoidance, embarrassment, and covering your smile. With Invisalign, you can embrace life to the fullest and remove your aligners for short periods when necessary.

The Bottom Line

We all want a beautiful, memorable smile, but sometimes as an adult, the braces phase doesn’t sound too appealing. With Invisalign’s invisible solution, we can nearly eliminate that discomfort, perfect for working professionals or teens who missed the braces boat as kids and now would prefer a more discrete process.

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